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There’s a difference between persuading and informing

There’s a difference between persuading and informing, and it’s paramount that you know the difference if you want to be a rockstar-salesman, human being, or if you simply want a better handle on life.

Persuasion is quickly becoming a dated tactic, whether it’s the relationship with your significant other, or the most important sales call of your life — if you have to persuade someone, it means the information you possess isn’t worthy of action.

When you inform (rather than persuade), all walls between you and the receiver of your message disappear. You’re no longer a salesman; you’re a teacher. When you become the teacher, you become a worthy source of information and the positive affirmations (referrals/compliments) will start to pour in from your chosen audience.

If you are in the business of persuasion; your methodology has blind spots that will (eventually) show themselves, however major or minor those may be.

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.

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